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CANCER MOON SIGN! `Pastor Rosemary

CANCER MOON SIGN (Moon in Cancer)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick

Hello Cancer Moon! Your Love Angel is Muriel. You want to know you’re in safe hands and gaze upon familiar faces when it comes to your love life! Tuning in to the feelings of others is your pride; reliable generous people are your tribe, and sharing your hard won possessions is your bribe. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!

People can’t hide their true feelings from Cancer Moon and others are often clueless about the rich inner emotional landscapes inhabited by the Lunar Crab. You might not be able to get your point across to those you wish to influence due to your subtle ways and when others just can’t seem to take a hint, you are often accused of using tricky tactics and calculated maneuvers to gain access to the will of another. People who are the closest to you have an easy time maintaining relationships with you be they family or friend. Even rivals and enemies remain important to Cancer Moon and you would rather patch things up than burn proverbial bridges to future escapades or joint ventures that may prove to be mutually beneficial, especially when it comes to finances, work, or vocational considerations. This often does not sit well with folks who prefer to let things and people go in attempts to release or avoid annoyingly troublesome situations. Moving on seems a waste of past time and effort which the Lunar Crab relates to as a concrete investment being loathe to squander or misuse such valuable experiences.

Your family, friends, and significant others consider the Lunar Crab amusing, even entertaining and love immersing themselves in your refreshing authenticity! Cancer Moon needs devotion from both personal and business relationships only feeling at ease in accommodating situations that make you feel at home, and you are only too happy to give of yourself when others reflect your own hospitality back to you. Mother Nature has built a defensive shell around those with their Moon in Cancer which is often misunderstood by other signs and elemental associations as being maliciously vindictive with intent to harm rather that understanding the extreme sensitivity of those possessing the Lunar Orb in the Sign of Cancer The Crab.    

Cancer Moon Sign likes to make others happy and get them to enjoy themselves, often performing zany antics or silly stunts if necessary to cheer up a dismal party or event. Due to the changeability of the Moon, and the fact that Cancer is ruled by Luna in both her day and night attributes, you may come off as  unstable ranging the gamut from giddy to morose. Those who label you as such would have a very difficult time enduring the Lunar power waxing and waning in her influence over you the way you must. Moon in Cancer absorbs the attitudes and behavior of those they allow into their sphere of sensation. Rather than having any conscious intention to copy others, you are simply susceptible to the opinions and wishes of those you spend your time with and your behavior is dictated by feelings of closeness and affection often misread as mocking or poking fun by others you wish to befriend or lure into romance. In this way people you care the most for may push away from you feeling betrayed and injured due to again, a misunderstanding of your basic nature reading spitefulness into your responses where consideration is the actual tone you intend. People may also mistake your bashfulness as arrogance feeling you are displaying condescension towards them or insulting their intelligence. Those who are diligent, devoting the time necessary to make you comfortable in work, business, or personal relationships enjoy the benefits of Moon in Cancer’s loyalty.

What people find most endearing about Moon in Cancer individuals is the Lunar Crab’s ability to nurture environments at both work and home with an unmistakable creative flair. Generosity is another trait attributed to Moon in Cancer persons if and only if your heart is touched. You feel less helpless when you are catered to and when others consent to your way of thinking or doing things. You want your opinions heard, your ideas respected, and your actions taken seriously, all in an attempt to gain confidence. Once your dominance is established in this way, others find it very hard to reassert their sovereignty or gain authority over you. Cancer Moon does not take kindly to being ignored and will do what they must to remedy any situation where they feel they are being used or taken for granted. No one should presume to have Moon in Cancer all figured out. Shrugs and other actions exhibiting a lack of interest on the part of others are the most hurtful responses to any situation and Cancer Moon would rather be allowed to explain their viewpoints rather than having their purposes assumed. 

Possessing one’s Moon in Cancer gives these feisty Moon signs a taste for unique cuisine that might be overindulged during times of anxiety or strain. Growing vegetable gardens, tending beautiful landscapes, working with various forms of art , sculpture, painting, interior design are talents that not only help to beautify the world, but also calm the nerves of Cancer Moon. If slothfulness seems a problem at times, this is due to moody characteristics that can and do pass if only Moon in Cancer remembers to not get stuck in a rut and pushes through these vulnerable occasions. This is where a little help from trusted friends may become necessary if the Lunar Crab can get past exposing weakness remembering that all creatures and all humans have soft spots somewhere in their nature. All in all, Cancer Moon has a big heart and makes the world a better, brighter, and more beautiful place!

Keep tuning in for more planets in Cancer!

Thank you for joining us Cancer Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!

I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel

by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperator H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.

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