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GEMINI MOON SIGN! `Pastor Rosemary

GEMINI MOON SIGN (Moon in Gemini)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick
Hello Gemini Moon! Your Love Angel is Ambriel. You’re where the party’s at when it comes to romance! Beautiful intelligence is your pride; cool people are your tribe, and enchanting experiences are your bribe. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!
People truly admire Gemini Moon and just might fall in love with the Host or Hostess with the Mostess! Your friends drive you crazy because they all want to get into some form of deeper relationship with you, they either want to marry you or want you to be their big brother or sister! That zaps Gemini Moon of energy so be careful not to give all your extraordinary life force away to others in your attempt to enjoy life by giving of yourself, your wit, and your favor to those you care about. You do love a good conversationalist but before anyone can try to monopolize your time, you’re on to the next thing, off to the next party, or on to a better situation, better friends, and always in a better place than before. Of course the Lunar Twins are fodder for those who need to be rescued from marinating in their own feelings because you can easily cheer up anyone’s mood! Just don’t let those you pander to cause your high spirits to sink down to their level. There’s always a way to come up with ideas that will ease the emotions of the distraught. These relationships may think you think too much and feel too little, but they are glad to have you around when their feelings get the best of them. You enjoy figuring people out and showing off your logical prowess so it all works out because of your ability to hone in on the core problems that need tended too.
Gemini Moon Sign likes to live on the proverbial edge as long as the risky business engaged in provides the Lunar Twins with a touch of class, a dash of comfort, and plenty of friends and admirers to make the entire affair fun and engaging. Your mind must be intrigued for any event or gathering to catch your attention. You prefer adventure to security but not at the expense of giving up what and whom you consider valuable in your life. When people or situations don’t go your way, you may tend to ruminate upon the why and how-come questions in an attempt to rid yourself of feelings of guilt, insecurity or lack since Gemini Moon finds losing out on anything or anyone to be unbearable. You must be the best or at least high up in the top percentages to feel good about yourself and you may even be a victim of obsessive compulsive perfectionism that may at times drive you literally crazy. Others don’t feel a need to worry about you unless you begin to overdo in your attempts to be all things to all people at all times for the purpose of being well thought of. The opinions of others are vitally important to Gemini Moon and you won’t rest until everyone thinks or knows you are pristine in both your intention and your execution of the tasks you have set for yourself.
What people find most beguiling about Moon in Gemini is your ability to pick up their spirits and show them a more spiritual way to find happiness in life as well as decipher the deep meanings of their relationships. Gemini Moon may choose a religion but it will be a quirky one that appeals to your sense of adventure and your need to dance to an independent and different tune. You love to find the nexus between the spiritual and the scientific, the mundane and the sublime, that which is ordinary and that which is supernatural. When intelligence is tallied you always score high, especially when it comes to the communication aspects of such tests. Gemini Moon is a natural flirt that may get you into sticky situations with those who demand your fidelity. Most of the time, your flirtations are innocent and you are best understood and courted if those who seek your approval and who want to then turn you head romantically allow you to be who and what you are. You need a romantic partner or spouse who is confident enough to be able to allow you have the friendships you find so rich and rewarding. With this provision satisfied, you can then continue in happy amorous relationships. Guilt is a tar bunny you don’t want to be involved with and it doesn’t suit you Gemini Moon!
Possessing one’s Moon in Gemini gives others hope with the Lunar Twins endless ability to inspire and entertain! People just can’t get enough of you but you can’t help think that they are somehow trying to take advantage of you. This is due to the professional or romantic jealousy you inspire. Be honest with yourself and with others to turn these types of petty squabbles to your benefit Gemini Moon. You have an uncanny knack to see right through people and their antics. This makes them feel revealed and often, uncomfortably so. They feel the laser of your sharp mind penetrating into the depth of their psyche and feel you can see their most deep and guarded secret sins. Let them know you are not judging them to create comfortable business, personal, or romantic alliances. With your bright mind, you can solve many problems for yourself and others. Just don’t let your tendency to over-think situations and personal relationships to cause you to become paranoid or to invent goblins and enemies where none exist. Believe in your innate goodness and that of others, and all will be well with you Gemini Moon! 

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Thank you for joining us Gemini Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!
I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel
by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperator H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
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