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LEO MOON SIGN! `Pastor Rosemary

LEO MOON SIGN (Moon in Leo)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick

Hello Leo Moon! Your Love Angel is Verchiel. You make sure your love life is an adventure above all else! Making others happy is your pride; wildly entertaining people are your tribe, and making work fun is your bribe. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!

People can’t resist your charms but the Lunar Lion would rather go it alone than conform to the ideas others attempt to push on you. Your generous outpouring of creativity, friendliness and compassion makes you a target of the envious and fearful. Your emotions are powerful and no matter how much you want to be a part of a group, you end up being the leader because you are strong enough and able to take the responsibility necessary to lead. This may rub people the wrong way or step on their toes, but you are graceful and careful not to bother others unless they have it coming, which they usually do! When it comes to romance and any love issue relating to your immense heart that is often too big for your own good, you will be forceful, theatrical, and flashy! People may find you ostentatious and over eager, but that’s what makes the Lunar Lion so loveable!
Your family, friends, romantic interests and spouses consider the Lunar Lion an invaluable source of encouragement, lighthearted humor and strength. Others count on your compassion but at times are completely at a loss when you become angry at them. If others seem to get easily upset, it’s because they fear your temper when they unwittingly or even on purpose, ignite your anger. People often forget that the tail of the Lion is a serpent that will rise up when slighted or disrespected. Those with good intentions know that if they can weather the storm of your dynamic emotions, they can gain great rewards for their loyalty. Individuals or groups with bad intentions count on this anger however to goad the Lunar Lion into anger for the purpose of putting you into uncomfortable situations due to their envy of your friendly nature, amazing creativity, and good hearted intentions.   
Leo Moon Sign likes to keep others laughing with amusing antics but often doesn’t understand or appreciate the response from those so entertained! Your humor runs from astringently dry to silly and others respond with shock, projectile laughter, or worse, right back at ya bizarre stunts meant to entice you towards their joking or mocking ways. Your fans strive to keep you engrossed and fascinated in their type of comedy which may rub the Lunar Lion the wrong way. You are always at your best and should strive to always be “on” lest you lose your magnificent sense of humor. Keep smiling and always see the positive in every circumstance you find yourself in to discover the most efficient roads that will lead you to your goals. Many often admonish the Lunar Lion to “tone it down” or cease with any behavior that seeks the limelight or claims the center of attention. The Lunar Lion should take this type of sour faced scolding from “friends” as an indication that you are actually doing the right thing, gaining the attention you need to fulfill your goals and dreams, and proceed to do more of this theatrical behavior! After all, you can be assured that anyone trying to stop you from your innovative and arty expression will take the stage after you leave, plaster their picture all over the wall from which you removed yours at their suggestion, and gladly then take the center stage with the beam of light aimed precisely at them, gleefully pushing you into the darkness of the audience to become their fan. Don’t fall for it for you are majestic Lunar Lion! Be who you are! Celebrate your courage, enthusiasm, and vitality. If indeed your naysayers want someone to curtail such exuberance, they should then be then relegated to the spectator’s bench to happily become your fan for then they can limit their own lives and not yours!

What people find most entertaining about Moon in Leo people is the Lunar Lion’s tendency to overreact! Friends, family, and romantic interests or spouses will even prod you for the sake of your passionate reactions not because they enjoy your wrath for nothing could be further from the truth. They do enjoy the excitement that is sure to be evoked if your temper is roused. This will wear on you though and you should do your best to keep your poise and channel your energies into creative endeavors rather than allowing yourself to engage in outbursts of anger at the misdeeds of others that are often unfair and disrespectful. Retain your composure and your rewards will be great. Practice the attributes of persistence and endurance that are your forte when times are hard, laughter and fun in the sun when the going is easy! Folks will notice that you are extremely tolerant when it comes to your attitude towards them, but that you short change yourself when it come to self-acceptance and confidence. You know exactly what others should do to make their lives better, now you must continue to take your own advice! You are a wonderful parent but sometimes your big heart causes you great difficulty with the discipline aspect of parenting. Once this quality is honed you become a pillar of strength in both your family and your community.

Possessing one’s Moon in Leo gives these obsessive Moon signs the tenacity to stick with projects that others often have abandoned long ago. The fire in your belly keeps the creative spark alive in your sacral chakra giving you astounding energy, fortitude, and panache to keep the artistic juices flowing! The Lunar Lion often becomes indignant when others mercilessly tease or even insult you. Use your ingenuity, humor, and controlled fixed fire to volley the teasing game right back at your opponents with your usual friendly smile! Use these opportunities to show yourself and your detractors just how good of a sport you are and send those jokes right back at them with ten times force to jar their funny bone and pivot the circumstance in your favor! There is nothing better to balance the Lunar Lion than practicing your slicing wit, and others will give you plenty of opportunity. One of your best qualities is that you are reasonable. You are also fair, elegant, and resourceful, as well as compassionate. Your ferocity is never misused or squandered but is always utilized in the most efficient way possible and waste is not something you will suffer.


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Thank you for joining us Leo Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!

I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel

by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperator H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
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