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LIBRA MOON SIGN! `Pastor Rosemary

LIBRA MOON SIGN (Moon in Libra)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick
Hello Libra Moon! Your Love Angel is Zuriel. You enjoy the luxury and refinement of a creatively expressed romantic milieu. You place great importance on fashioning a love life that shines brilliantly upon your romantic interest which brings both you and they abundant joy! Life is a work of art to you and Libra Moon wants to make it a gorgeous representation of your inner callings. Beauty is your pride; people who go with the flow are your tribe, keeping your options open is your bribe. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!
People can’t resist your divine balancing act demonstrated every time the Moon goes into one of her phases. This is where you shine Libra Moon! Folks just can’t get enough of your charming personality or your charismatic wit. You’re not a loner by any stretch of the imagination becoming the best you can be when surrounded by supportive friends. Everyone enjoys friendship, but Libra Moon requires many associations and frequent contacts them to feel complete and to feel you are winning at life’s game. Indeed Libra Moon, others need you in their lives to keep their lives balanced seeing things from all sides as well as considering the long term effects of interjecting any new factor into the equation of any established situation. Others also enjoy the inner peace you project allowing for calm in circumstances where others might continually engage in alarmingly animated behaviors.
Your family friends, romantic interests and spouses consider Moon in Libra people fun to be around taking great pleasure in the numerous intellectually inspiring conversations. You’re a natural flirt but your family and homemaking are important to you be you female or male Libra Moon. Friendships are easy for you since people attract to your lighthearted ways and light touch upon those who tend towards high-strung personalities. You spot a problem in any relationships or work situation quickly, with little effort, and without any ado making sure to avoid persons who solve their problems with violence. Where you love exhilarating debate you also loathe the destructive flares of a mean-spirited temperament. Libra moon is sensitive to the light of divinity having attained the sixth sense of knowledge of the spiritual realms gaining access to the Akashic Records, Torah Codes, and the like. You resonate with spiritual groups that are a bit off the beaten path of organized religion. You often join them or lead them bidding them to allow the ancient codex of healing medicinal and elixirs to come through their bodies via channeling guided meditations or psychic sessions.
Libra Moon Sign likes to have the last word in any argument and will fight for what they think is best for them. Moon in Libra is a winner in any dispute because conflict is disagreeable to their polished constitutions. The Venusian Moon finds and engages in casual friendships and romantic relationships easily and feels safe within the boundaries of a family or a group where they can languish in the reassurance of sheer safety in numbers. Fickleness is often associated with those whose Moon sign illuminates The Scales but your intuition moves you out of situations that you determine to be out of balance for you at any given time.
What people find most entertaining about Moon in Libra people is their lively and lighthearted nature possessing both an ability to discuss intelligent subjects as is the preview of Air signs while simultaneously still being in touch with their heart. This makes Libra Moon popular thus easily attracting many associates making sure to rally the troops to their cause when necessary. When Libra Moon suspects that anyone or anything is out of alignment all parties concerned are immediately called to arms to forge new pathways towards freedom and dignity. Libra Moon is able to sense when others are in danger as well as being fervently attuned to high frequencies which produce information about when and where steps need to be taken to protect individuals who are more sensitive than most to the outcomes of those involved in difficult circumstances. Moon in Libra doesn’t favor showing how deep your emotions reach down into your very soul, but there are times when you want others to know that you actually do have feelings and that your behavior is often the opposite of what your heart requires due to the strict logistics that direct your thoughts and actions. Again Libra Moon’s heart is often at an 180 Degree position from where your alert mind guides you.
Possessing one’s Moon in Libra grants one the ability to guide others towards their true inner callings rather than following the dictates of domesticated society where humans become mere fodder for large institutions wishing to tame human beings and nature it’s self into animals of burden and slavery. Libra would have the feral aspects of the personality be allowed expression and freedom leaving room for nature to flourish without the stench of human greed gumming up the works of Mother Nature’s Universal Organism. One might ask why Creator has allowed the immortal soul to be cast down into a realm of animalistic desires posing the question, “If God wants us to resist the flesh, why does he incase us in the very thing we are to distain?” The answer lies in the need to create within all of nature a need for that which has been sent to elevate it, the Son, Jesus Christ, to pull the creature up to his level by causing a yearning for the spiritual over the corporeal. Any Sun God of the Corn revives nature each day and each year but only Christ pulls nature up to his level upon rising and in this he is singularly efficient for the purposes of God the father as explained in the ZOHAR and in the works of Christian author C. S. Lewis such as THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE; MERE CHRISTIANITY; and THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS; to name just a few. In our longing to become like the Creator, we are pulled into similitude with his nature because we sense our need for him. Libra Moon is able to traverse both the world of the natural and the realm of the spiritual without the conflict experienced by most other beings having various chimeras or sphinxes formed from zodiacal aspects in their personalities and astrology charts.
Keep tuning in for more planets in Libra!
Thank you for joining us Libra Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!
I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel
by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperatrix; Hierophantia H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
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