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SCORPIO MOON SIGN! `Pastor Rosemary

SCORPIO MOON SIGN (Moon in Scorpio)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick

Hello Scorpio Moon! Your Love Angel is Barchiel. You enjoy intensely tumultuous relationships where vigilance is thrown recklessly to the wind. Fun, enjoyable, and amusing times are your pride; people who live by their wits are your tribe, making promises to others that actually come true is your bribe. You neither want to have to “control” yourself when it comes to emotional relationships nor do you want to hear tranquil assertions to be peaceful or mindful for you want your romantic interests to be frantically in-need with you thus creating desperate romances and distressed friendships like no other! Your life is your great secret not up for discussion by others. Scorpio Moon possesses superb instincts albeit always attempting to hide them behind a daunting pretense meant to keep others at bay. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!

People can’t resist Scorpio Moon’s ability to peel away the protective skin from any issue exposing the tenderest and rawest parts of your inner soul as well as theirs. Wounds from the past and scrapes that have not yet been experienced are your forte making you desirable to creatures that live rather drab hum-drum lives. You liven up even the dullest of conversations seeking to interject exhilarating topics and modes of conversation or whatever form of communication is at hand at any given moment.
This is where you outwit your rivals Scorpio Moon! People just can’t get enough of your realistic, gritty; it’s all about the angst personality or your viscerally nonchalant attitude. You’re certainly a true friend when others treat you as such, and more often than not, you treat people well even when they have offended you in the past but this is only because you coldly let them know right from the beginning where you stand on the issues that usually concern people the most. Speaking your mind without concern of gaining anyone’s approval earns you the right to govern your own life for your sovereignty in your inner and outer worlds are well established by your strength. Friendships are important to you and easily attained however you put family first causing Scorpio Moon’s life to be based upon creating an environment where security is established for the purpose of then allowing for healthy creativity. Indeed, your virtue is creativity and your vice is destruction, both considered attributes of the divine principle. Others consider themselves lucky to be included in your life even though Scorpio Moon is not demanding on others but rather, seeks to build your own rich inner and outer worlds bringing people towards you and your world easily. You rule with care over your relationships and expect others to do the same. When compassion is not forthcoming you move along to others because there is always someone wanting to pamper you! You consider that life should be easier, safer, and more rewarding especially to those who have paid their dues and you set your sites on helping the underdogs showing them how they too can win at whatever goal their heart desires. You counsel practicality but encourage making dreams come true.
Your family friends, romantic interests and spouses consider Moon in Scorpio people intense to be around taking immense delight in your humor, curiosity and creatively intelligent verbal jousting. Flirtation comes easily to you but alas, others don’t always understand your intent towards them. Folks often mistake the meaning of your words for something guarded because you don’t too much enjoy Pollyanna types and you certainly don’t engage in their kind of eternal buoyancy. You like to get down to the real life subjects of our existence on this planet and see what’s really going on. The visceral parts of your life such as birth, sex, death, and debt are especially important to female Lunar Scorpions. Male Scorpio Moon creatures have meaningful relationships with their families but might have trouble leaving their parents and siblings and therefore could become loners. Friends are easily attracted to you but Scorpio Moon has such strong defense mechanisms that you often push these types of friends away.
The Lunar Scorpion possesses the ability to intoxicate any romantic prey with poisons brewed by repressed emotions if not born under the auspice of an emotional water Sun sign or passionate fire Solar trait. Scorpio Moon wants at all costs to deflect people from discovering their true inner nature because their deepest heartfelt landscapes are susceptible in the extreme. Lunar Scorpions have secretive mannerisms meant to protect core issues thereby pushing away any probing inquisitors who seek to uncover truths that are actually quite disturbing to their inner sanctity rather than caring about what anyone else actually thinks should outsiders find their ways to be of improper portent. At work or when assigned to important tasks Scorpio Moon individuals are known for their quality of discretion in keeping confidentialities buried deep within a closely guarded heart without intending or conspiring to harm the other but only to protect the nakedness of the visceral self. People born with their Moon in Scorpio speak as if they are dissecting their own hearts giving the impression that they are deeply feeling individuals who are powerless against predators except for their acidic stinging tail that stuns their prey after being lured in by seemingly innocent albeit hardened exterior armor. Don’t be fooled by Scorpio Moon’s true center of power which is the solar plexus that filters experience through and from the sexual and reproductive organs towards the heart giving naive first impressions. Second impressions often contain sexual overtones that finally segway into pinpointed stings against the ego of the intended target.
Scorpio Moon Sign likes to keep people guessing by keeping their true feelings and emotions hidden so that they can gain and maintain the upper hand in any contest be it social, romantic, or sports. Lunar Scorpions don’t like to start arguments they way Scorpio Sun sometimes does. Moon in Scorpio has very deep yearnings to go for what is most deeply felt in life even if that means using the negative side of their Divine Tone which is “I Destroy” which on the positive side is “I Create” the first being a vice and the latter being a virtue. Scorpio Moon desires circumstances that are treacherous, precarious, and out of commonplace experience so they are able to feel they are truly living. What is popular is always unexciting to the Lunar Scorpion for being part of a prevalent trend meant for mass consumption is certainly not to their taste preferring what is obscure and of superior value.
What is most enjoyable about Moon in Scorpio people is their ability to connect with others on a profound level since what matters most to them is to feel their relationships are rich with provocative experience. Moon in Scorpio possesses the ability to make their life into anything they wish and do well in relationships with water and earth signs, especially Taurus Moon because this astrology moon sign offers emotional stability to them. Again it’s important to remember that these exciting creatures desire to appear very much the opposite of what they really are. They fear they are in reality, just following trends because they are terrified of opinions that they are nothing special. So special, they try desperately to be. In other words, underneath the flamboyantly risqué exterior lurks a hard working and loyal individual who wants what we all want, that being love and acceptance. Keep things at an upbeat pace if you want to impress the Lunar Scorpion but don’t expect them to come around for any overly sweet syrupy antics meant to cheer them up. They want to get others to expose their gloomy disturbing inner fiends and they are glad to show you their troubled personality traits because all of this highly entertaining messy realism makes them feel close to others. Beware catching them on a bad day because they sometimes are determined to get into disagreements if only for the purpose of testing their debate skills with individuals they consider their intellectual equals sparing with intent to win any gaming template currently in vogue. They actually seek to be put in their place when they misbehave being in need of the discipline they feel they are sorely lacking within themselves.
Possessing one’s Moon in Scorpio grants one the ability to sympathize with others when it comes to fighting against social mores seen as attempts to place draconian limits upon society at large that ultimately lead to unnecessary restrictions or censoring of artistic, intellectual, or spiritual ideals. Doing what they please is of vital importance to them but then again, those they gather around themselves are encouraged to do their bidding without question out of love rather than fear. If you fancy yourself an independent, dominant, or easygoing type of person you will not fit into their entourage for they require emotional even romantic power over others at all costs. Scorpio Moon seeks to control by infiltration and will work tirelessly to sway others to their side in any situation only to then cull the herd of associates when deemed prudent and necessary for survival of the greater good. Remember that Scorpio Moon will sting you but not in the same way a Scorpio Sun does. Those with their Moon in Scorpio will sting you emotionally if they feel betrayed even if betrayal is not the intention of their rivals for they want to be loved by everyone without competition. Lunar Scorpions counter the touts of their bewildered opponents who insist that they are just “doing their thing” with insistences of feeling deceived by those they once considered friends.
Lunar Scorpions want to possess another especially in love so they engage in activities and conversations meant to keep the people they want in their life devoted to them. If a Moon in Scorpio person doesn’t want you in their life don’t worry about it, you won’t be because they have a knack for making sure you don’t come around but they don’t burn bridges either even though they are self protective of their sensitive inner feelings. Scorpio Moon will negotiate when necessary and for those who get on their good side, they make terrific friends because romance is the area of their lives where the real drama of life takes place so their friends and family relationships are more easily managed as well as being incredibly important to them.
Keep tuning in for more planets in Scorpio!
Thank you for joining us Scorpio Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!
I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel
by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H., Imperatrix; Hierophantia H.O.A.F. 6=5, Praemonstratrix A.O.L. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
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