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SAGITTARIUS MOON SIGN (Moon in Sagittarius)
by Pastor Rosemary
In Cooperation with The Astrology Angel & Ansara Angel Magick
Hello Sagittarius Moon! Your Love Angel is Adnakhiel. You strive to be at your best in every situation you encounter adding an extra spoonful of vivacious exuberance to your chosen relationships. You’ve got a great curiosity which beckons vast mental aptitude from everyone around you guaranteeing entertaining intrigue during conversations with those you feel are your equal. Optimistically self sufficient people are your pride. Happy fun loving adventurous types are your tribe. A lifelong quest for knowledge is your bribe. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel. Thank you for joining us!
Others see you setting out to have a good time because you work hard and play hard. Friends, family, and romantic interests or spouses are all required to keep up with you as you fill your days and nights with exciting careers, entertainment, and adventurous expeditions into the wild forests and deep canyons of our beautiful blue planet we call home. Your life is one big exploit! Life is to live, money is to spend, and food is to eat! There is no need with Sagittarius Moon to hinder impulses given you by Creator. Possessing your Moon in the natural Ninth House akin to the sign of The Archer affords one a love of life and a healthy constitution not seen in any other sign with such immeasurable voracity. I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel thank you for joining us!
Folks want to make Sagittarius Moon individuals happy mostly because Lunar Archers are never satisfied but instead constantly seek out new situations attempting to “find” their happiness as if their emotional satisfaction was something they could actually locate outside themselves. These Mutable Fire signs are the center of attention and the true ring leader of any fun time had by all no matter who takes credit for organizing parties, events, or vacations. Sagittarius Moon has an uncanny ability to allow others to shine and absorb the spotlight without displacing notice to themselves thereby providing everyone with opportunities towards being seen allowing them to express themselves in creative ways. Having a great sense of humor and skilled hands for technical work, precision tools, or musical performance, they are masters of anything they put their mind to if their attention is able to be held towards a specific project or career. Once that is accomplished they accelerate up the ladder of success going as high as their desire takes them. Simple worldly accomplishments are not all they seek although they might insist at various phases of their life that that is the case. Life path meaning is the pursuit of the natural Ninth House associated with Sagittarius so such significance is important to them even if their sensibilities would prefer privacy when dealing with profound or spiritual concerns.
This is where you outfox your competitors Sagittarius Moon! People just can’t get enough of your higher mind perceptive instincts and ambitious attitude! You’re a good friend to yourself because you know only you are responsible for taking care of yourself. Others may promise you the world but you know deep down in your heart that people say much and do very little to accomplish anything but their own goals no matter how altruistic they think they are. You prefer smart people with good street smarts and a flair for accumulating cash or stocks, properties, even real estate commercial and domestic so these items can be used to live a fulfilling life. You know who to befriend so that you climb up the ladder of success lifting you ever higher to experience all that life has to offer. The word and the universe for that matter is your playground. You feel capable at every moment to perform whatever task is placed before you mastering your environment with your innate skills and knowledge. You are the spokesperson for whomever you represent perceiving your task in life as being to police the behavior of others in your favor. Friendships are easy pickings for you although you seldom realize just how many good friends you actually have already acquired. Quantity is proportionately calculated to quality in all your associations with advancement always at the top of your list of priorities because you know how important it is to know and help all the right people as opposed to assisting those who haven’t any ability to do anything for you. You laugh as you watch the dopes of society who cater and cry alligator tears over the unfortunate unwashed masses of society’s disposable people. Lunar Archers won’t be fooled although you enjoy watching others being duped into exposing their inferiority to the great and continuing amusement of the upper echelons of society. Others should think themselves propitious to be included in your life in any way shape or form even though Sagittarius Moon is not in the habit of acting as a cheerleader for others. You aspire to the best and everyone around you should as well. Working and playing smart rather than hard is your resounding prayer to the God of Destiny. You dominate over your relationships and expect others to fend for themselves or become subordinate to you. You only acquiesce to submission if you are bested and quite frankly, you admire people who frequently humiliate you. If you find that you cannot prevail in a relationship you will ignore any person you consider might have the ability to look smarter or more sophisticated than you. You like being pampered and provided for but you are more than willing to work contribute to any family or group as long as you have the ability to do the work you enjoy. Making enough money or having a constant cash flow is of the utmost importance to you and worry about money is often prevalent in your daily concerns.
Your family friends, romantic interests and spouses consider Moon in Sagittarius people fun to be around taking vast amusement from your good sense of humor, your adventurous spirit and superior approach to human drama. You’re more of a charmer or a romantic rather than a flirt. Others relish in your ability to keep them in good spirits as long as they don’t cross one of your annoyance lines or engage in any social faux pas. Folks often participate in theatre set up by you thinking they are somehow assisting you in overcoming an obstacle when in reality such shows are provided for your amusement watching others vie for your attentions. Social situations are your forte but only can only be enjoyed by you if you have the trust and unquestioned loyalty of all those who partake in your company. Your bravery allows you to do the undoable, think the unthinkable, and negotiate situations to your benefit that others frankly, want no part of. You take great pride in the thought that you cannot and will not be fooled. Early in life you are idealistic, believing and hoping in all the wondrous things life promises to you. As time goes on you continue in your attempts to sip from life’s great cup of happiness. When situations seem to let you down, your faith in accomplishing your goals begins to wane. Good natured friends and family often boost your morale propelling you towards greater achievements. Your good hearted nature is often ridiculed by well intended people who want to show you their “truths” in life continually warning you against being taken advantage of by questionable individuals. Lunar Archers are considered a good catch and do well in marriages where they are allowed to express their own individuality and intelligence. You prefer to be considered the go-to person nevertheless you may experience annoyance at those who seek your attention too often or who give off needy vibes.
The Lunar Archer possesses the ability to charm any romantic curiosity with wit, affection, and amorous attention conjoined through sincere even if sometimes unfocused interest. Sagittarius Moon is easily distracted requiring attentions from many assortments of friends and family members doing well when provided with large attentive families. Familial responsibilities might seem uninteresting to the Lunar Archer at first glance. Upon reexamination Sagittarius Moon realizes that a well stocked family environment is suitable for sensibilities that require an audience for your fun and adventurous personality. You love to travel and go sightseeing needing good sports to go along with you on escapades you envision, plan, and carry to fruition towards the great joy of everyone in your pack. Sagittarius Moon wants at all costs to engage as well as involve people in the experiences you savor because you work hard and play hard wanting to set in motion all of your sensory structures because “life should be lived,” “money is meant to be spent,” and as the good book says, “women are expected to serve man,” the latter suggested with your tongue firmly placed into the side of your cheek. Lunar Archers have very few secrets because they relish in their God given freedoms. There is little a Sagittarius Moon doesn’t feel entitled to. It is precisely this perception that enables receptive modes of deal making or deal breaking behavior. Wanting it all is a Lunar Archer personality trait not easily ignored by anyone desiring to impress such an astrological sphinx imbued with a noticeable kindness and generosity. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius supplying grandiosity, cornucopias of plenty, as well as always being adorned with an unmistakable love of life making sure to enjoy offerings made. Sagittarius Moon demands that experts should attend to any and all of life’s varying requirements. Specialists are preferred for every changeable situation keeping anxiety at bay. Embarrassments are to be avoided, nonetheless it should be remembered that one person’s discomfiture is another person’s flaunted arrogance or great pleasure. Indeed, the very people often targeted for impression by a Lunar Archer often revel in things thought inane or banal to this expansive minded Zodiac Moon Sign who imagines attaining so much of life’s allure often accomplishing most of what is desired while simultaneously remaining eternally unsatisfied when it comes to everlasting expectations of experiential gratifications. At work or when assigned to important tasks Sagittarius Moon individuals are known for the quality of getting impossible jobs done with an unmistakable extraordinary force of willpower rivaled by none. In fact, it is because of this noticeable bravery and determination with which tasks are dealt that might cause those in charge to perceive a threat to their power and control causing an avoidance of Lunar Archers which must be keep in mind when immersed in hierarchical situations. Concurrently when a Sagittarius “Mansion of the Moon” is an employer or boss, those beneath might be ignored or thought of as unimportant, which is a crucial error for these are the very people upon which the Lunar Archer relies for all necessary things. When caring for one’s health for the purpose of keeping in tip top shape, take into account that Sagittarius is associated with the hips as well as the thighs with the corresponding ruling planet of Jupiter ruling over the Sacral Chakra, also known as the Third Chakra.
Sagittarius Moon Sign likes to keep people on the edge of their seats while Sun Sign in Sagittarius is more apt to entertain without needing to overly shock folks with whom they play well. An Archer “Mansion of the Moon” individual finds it a necessary emotional requirement to be the life of the party and the center of attention again, Jupiter the merciful Father must be allowed to nurture his young as opposed to Saturnine tendencies of his opponent who might devour his progeny for his own survival. Lunar Sagittarius individuals will usually avoid conflict where Sagittarius Sun sometimes involves himself or herself in clashes found distasteful to indicate resistance and strength to an opponent possessing a penchant for pragmatic solutions to unpleasant scenarios. Moon in Sagittarius displays a keenly cosmic ability for insight into the enormity of possibilities generated from the created 3D world thought of as truth when in fact all of physicality is a trick played upon human kind by an invisible God who sits off to the side giggling at our antics as seen in Gnostic renditions of the eternal spirit of Christ Jesus snickering at his laughable corpse hanging upon a harsh cross of death. While the negative side of an Archer’s Zodiacal Divine Tone is “I Covet,” on the positive side is “I Perceive” the first being a vice and the latter being a virtue. Sagittarius Moon desires circumstances that are audacious, respectable, and always fun so that they are able to sense a complete satisfaction of any circumstance.
What is most enjoyable about Moon in Sagittarius people is their ability to envision bright futures for themselves and for others as well. Lunar Archers possesses the ability to make their life adventurous keeping in mind their primary goals of success at all times. A search for constant entertainment consumes Moon in Sagittarius. Confidence looks good on this astrological portion of God’s great sphinx seeming often to be attempting to avoid embarrassment although a good sense of humor and a surprising stipend of compassion turn any awkward moments into much needed amusement for all involved. Lunar Archers fear becoming surrounded by tight fisted wardens who aren’t generous enough to grant wishes or whims on a moment by moment basis. Standing out in a crowd is effortless when Moon in Sagittarius is invited to the party for all eyes are on this mutable fire Moon sign. Underneath any pretentious display are always nuts and bolts real life experiences, elegance when involved in career, and finally focus on what is required for leading an extraordinary life. In other words pretentiousness is only a show of enjoyment for life which is a gift from God. Be larger than life and able to overcome opponents if you want to impress the Lunar Archer but don’t expect this zodiacal facet to submit to anyone else’s strength. Pride, comfortableness, and regaling Moon in Sagittarius’ own superior intelligence, sure to outshine anyone who dares contradict is the name of the game found in the Archer’s Mansion of the Moon. Keeping others at bay towards the goal of ascending up social ladders is paramount. Luscious coveting of higher positions with simultaneous distain for the grimy underbelly of society affords meaning to the experiences of Moon in Sagittarius creatures. Beware crossing this astrology aspect in any way, not because of any threat of unforgiveness but rather because any such wounds are deeply felt and hard to heal. Trust is difficult to restore once broken for dignity is an overriding theme when we traverse this path. Anyone who is able to discipline a Lunar Archer must be exceptionally competent at putting on a good show as well as being smart, confident, and full of surprises possessing ample amounts of loyalty demonstrating an ability to protect Moon in Sagittarius.
Being born with one’s Moon in Sagittarius invokes trending, up to the minute style, making certain to always land squarely within the realms of current fashion. Let’s face it! Social mores are different for everybody having everything to do with what group of people is affiliated at any one given time. Instinct rules supreme especially when considering the relationships of Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter to “Mansion of the Moon” assignments. Generosity born of confidence smells good on Lunar Archers who love to dabble in colognes and perfumes. Pleasing one’s self is the plan, and as well it should be since no matter what anyone does or says, someone is going to give you hard time so make yourself happy because everyone cares about whom? Themselves! Independence is a natural talent expressed through this facet of God’s adoring jewel of creation. Interdependence with respected or trusted individuals allows for success in any and all endeavors. Expect great amounts of charm to be exuded from the heart of Moon in Sagittarius’ inner angelic realm. Such creatures are able to do the bidding of the Merciful King of Jupiter to the Romans, Zeus to the Greeks, and El to the Hebrews in these pantheons of comparative theology. Sagittarius Moon seeks to be in the know at all moments with an uncanny ability to assess any situation or person always attempting to discern exactly what is true intention beneath the surface of things. Fooling others is fun while being hoodwinked goes against hard won principles. Sagittarius Moon will release Cupids arrow right into your heart from the position of an exactly aimed bow. Complicated situations amuse and entertain sifting out dullards who don’t know how to enjoy themselves. Lunar Archers challenge the gossip mill flaunters who paint a sinister picture of life with all the bigheartedness of Jupiterian frequencies.
Lunar Archers want to expand their options exploring many divergent dimensions in career. When it comes to romantic interests, kindred spirits are the tour du jour. Stimulating conversations always bordering on debate is the preference. When pushed too far Moon in Sagittarius looks for brighter horizons with which to enjoy life for there is no reason for dwelling on people or situations who simply want to make life more difficult than it has to be. Other folks are required to be self sufficient although attending events or parties often with significant others or siblings, family and the like is of utmost importance. After all, there are people to see, places to go, and contests to be won. Each and every day should always be enchanted with meals in entertaining localities. Time for travel and plenty of fun amusement needs to be incorporated into each week with vacations to exotic destinations enjoyed several times a year if you want to see a smile on the face of any Lunar Archer.
Keep tuning in for more planets in Sagittarius!
Thank you for joining us Sagittarius Moon Sign, we’ll see you soon!
I’m Pastor Rosemary, The Astrology Angel
by Rosemary A. B. Harper G.H. Imperatrix, Hierophantia The Hermetic Order of The Alchemical Flame H.O.A.F. 6=5. Praemonstratrix The Angels Of Light Fellowship Int’l. A.O.L.F.I. 6=5, Pr., R.N.
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